Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Dept. purchases new truck, equipment

Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Dept. purchases new truck, equipment

The Bethlehem Community Volunteer Fire Department recently purchased a new truck to ensure the safety of Bethlehem residents.

The department bought a 2002 Ford F-550 4×4 truck on Feb. 7, which will serve as a support unit and will carry extra equipment and supplies, hydraulic equipment, hand tools, and extrication tools.  The body for the vehicle was constructed by Anchor-Richey of Bethlehem.  The chassis was purchased from Larry Schronce Ford.

The new unit replaces a 1985 Ford Econovan which had over 160,000 miles.

Bethlehem Fire Chief Shannon Lowrance said the vehicle will benefit the department greatly. “This truck will be used for fire scene support and for automobile accidents,” Lowrance said.  “This unit is more user friendly and will allow our firemen to act more efficiently when they are needed.”

Anchor-Richey builds new support unit for Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Dept

The new truck features a 12,000 pound front bumper mount wench, a 5,000 pound removable wench which can be accessed from three sides of the truck, a 7,500 wat diesel generator, and a 240 horsepower Power Stroke Turbo Diesel engine.

“It carries a vast variety of hydraulic tools which will aid in vehicle extrication in the event of entrapment,” Lowrance said.

Fire department officials wished to thank the truck committee which helped design the truck with Anchor-Richey.  Comittee members include Lynn Coleman, Shannon Lowrance, Ashley Starnes, Travis Richey, Joye Bumgarner, and Gary Hall.

In addition to the new truck, the department purchased a new thermal imaging camera, which enables firefighters to locate victims who may be trapped through a heat sensitive camera.  Lowrance said the camera could be especially helpful in search and rescue efforts.  A 13 inch color television/video recorder combination was also purchased to complement the camera and was installed in the first-out fire truck to enable a thorough initial scan of an accident scene.

Also, 21 new air packs (self contained breathing apparati) were bought to replace older gear.

NEW SUPPORT UNIT — Bethlehem Community Volunteer Fire Department Chief Shanon Lowrance stands beside a new support unit purchased February 7.  At left is a pull-out drawer on the rear of the truck which contains much of the hydraulic equipment. Thetruck features two wenches and various equipment to assist in vehicle accidents.

Bethlehem Community Volunteer Fire Department Chief Shanon Lowrance stands beside a new Anchor-Richey firetruck.


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