Anchor-Richey EVS Tanker (Demo)

Our Tanker is complete and ready for show and tell…..follow this link to see the completed photos.

**UPDATE – this unit has been sold to Ellendale Vol. Fire Department here in Alexander County.  We are in the planning stages of building another demo but this one will be a 3,000 gallon tanker 🙂  Be on the look out for more information.


Anchor-Richey Tankers have been added to our lineup.

Yes you are reading this correctly……coming very soon is an Anchor-Richey EVS built tanker on a KW chassis.  The chassis is here now and fabrication/construction is underway.


Call us today (800) 754-7186 to set up an appoinment!

The build process has been started…….


Anchor-Richey EVS
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